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Retail Security Guards for Retail Outlet and Shopping Mall Security

Security officers to handle all retail shopping security services and systems

Retail shopping stores are facing increasing need for superior security. Thieves routinely fill their bags with merchandise and exit the store undetected. Meanwhile, employee theft can occur right under management's nose. Fortunately, PROTEGO SECURITY can provide the right plan of action to put a stop to theft and shrinkage. The need for superior retail security is increasing, and PROTEGO SECURITY is equipped to handle the task.

Many retail stores count on police to handle their security needs. While the police do an excellent job of deterring crime and catching criminals whenever possible, many retail stores require nothing short of full surveillance. Thieves are more than willing to brazenly grab merchandise during business hours, right in front of customers. Meanwhile, management must keep an eye out for employee theft going on behind the scenes. Without a strong security presence, situations like this can get out of control.

PROTEGO SECURITY has been handling retail store security throughout Poland. Our security guards are trained to recognize theft threats, while keeping honest customers feeling safe. In addition, retail security systems can provide ongoing surveillance of all areas, including employee only sections of the store. With a security guard on duty, shoppers will feel safe, and theft will drop drastically.

Mall Security Officers from PROTEGO SECURITY 

Security Guards Providing Safety and Protection for Mall Shoppers and Employees

If you're an owner or property manager of a shopping center, then the safety of your clients and/or customers is very important to you. Shopping Centers come in all sizes from the giant regional malls to the small strip-center with only a few stores. What they all have in common is a parking lot. The most violent crimes committed in the parking lot are purse snatching, strong arm robbery, carjacking and abductions. Whether it's theft of a store, or stealing cars while customers are shopping, thieves will take whatever opportunity is given them.PROTEGO SECURITY   has security officers that are fully trained to combat this threat. Mall security is a top concern, and PROTEGO SECURITY  is ready to solve the problem.

Violent criminals can blend in with the rest of us and get in close proximity fairly easily. Criminal predators can walk right by us and we will allow it because of the public setting. Mall Security has special needs that are not present in other situations. These days, having a security guard on duty is always a good strategy.

PROTEGO SECURITY  provides security services throughout New York, for both large and small shopping centers. When it comes to protecting mall shoppers and employees, and guarding against theft and burglary, PROTEGO SECURITY security officers are at the top of their class. 


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